Monday, July 13, 2015

The Real Solution to the Visa Worker Scam

It has been going for decades. Employers simply lie about STEM worker shortages to get politicians to raise limits on visa workers. Employers then drive down wages by flooding the market with those lower-paid visa workers. Often local workers, who are doing a good job, are forced to train their lower-paid visa worker replacements, before the local workers are laid off.

Of course all this is just another example of corporate greed and political corruption.

Still, I place much of the responsibility for the situation on STEM workers themselves. STEM workers gripe about the situation constantly. STEM workers will blog, tweet, post, and pass links back and forth. But that is about as far as it will go. STEM workers steadfastly refuse to take any real action to fix the current situation.

I suppose STEM workers think that if the public were aware of the injustice of the current situation, then the problem would solve itself. It is surprising that otherwise intelligent people can be so naive.

STEM worker employers, and their lackey politicians, are happy with the situation the way it is. Those who do not see their own jobs being affected by the visa worker scam do not care one way or another. Besides, STEM worker blogs, tweets, and message board posts, can hardly compete with the flood of misinformation coming from the pop-media.

Voting cannot fix the current situation. Practically all politicians side with the corporations. In the USA, there are 435 representatives, and 100 senators. Of those, about three are not pushing for higher limits on visa workers. That is about 0.5%. Practically everybody running for political office, regardless of party affiliation, favors more visa workers.

What STEM workers need to do (but probably won't):

1) Organize. Consider the following two scenarios.

Employer: We are firing you to hire a cheaper visa worker. You need to train you visa worker replacement before you go, or you get no severance.
Employee: I guess I have no choice. I would only hurt myself to resist.


Employer: we are firing you to hire a cheaper visa worker. You need to train you visa worker replacement before you go, or you get no severance.
All employees: you try that and we all walk out, right now.
Employer: never mind, we will not be hiring the visa worker.

STEM workers often hate the idea of organizing, pointing to corrupt unions, and the like. Whether STEM workers like it not: to change the current situation, organizing is critical. If STEM workers are not willing to organize, they should stop the futile complaining.

2) Raise money, lobby congress. In D.C. money talks. Corporations spend huge amounts lobbying congress. So who do you think Congress will side with? Contributing to NumbersUSA might help. NumbersUSA can be an effective organization. But, NumbersUSA is more concerned with the illegal immigration issue than the visa worker scam.

What is needed, is a strong, and well financed, organization of STEM workers. But I feel certain that STEM worker would rather pointlessly gripe about the situation, than to ever do something to change it.